Friday, September 25, 2015

The Gaps - Shooting the Gap

You want hardcore NZ punk? You got it dork.
The Gaps bring you 'Shooting the Gap'. A fabulously bad ass piece of NZ underground hardcore hailing from the wrong side of the tracks in Christchurch.
I saw these guys play live a few times and they were great. I think they were so named 'The Gaps' because most of them had some of their front teeth missing. Unlike most suburban punk kids today, these blokes didn't sit around polishing their doc martens at their mum's place. They probably wore them into the ground by having to run from the police after robbing people's houses.....!
Funny thing is, I haven't listened to this tape in over 20 years but every now and then, songs like 'I'm a Mongol' pop into my head and I find myself wandering around Melbourne chanting 'I'm a Mongol,  I'm a Mongol'....etc. Lets face it, these guys have some catchy tunes and lyrics... they stick in your head like a crowbar.
Actually there is a lyric sheet with this tape which I should probably attach somehow in the download as there's some great lyrical content on these tracks. Here's a good example:

Stupid little girl on TV
Imitation flavour, that's me
Bubble gum songs, painted eyes
We agree, she must die
She must die, she must die.....

That song's called 'Kill Kylie'. And it's about your favourite Neighbours star come pop star.

I spent a weekend drinking out on Banks peninsula at some party with a few of these guys once. I thought I was a bit of a heavy drinker but by about 3am when I was passing out, these guys were just warming up. A bunch of hard boozing dudes......
I remember they entered a band competition once and I think they won because their fans nicked the voting forms off peoples tables and voted on their behalf. Dedicated fans. And why not? They deserved to win. These guys remind me of the fabulous 'Mindfuckers' (who I have to say are my favorite NZ punk band ever to date) who I think share a similar sensibility. Drunken angry punk doom with a good sense of humour and that has not a care in the world.....barely recorded to tape before the studio blows up and the band miraculously escapes with the master tape without paying the engineer....  and probably raiding the fridge on the way out to grab any stray alcohol.
That, my friends, is The Gaps. The guys you don't invite to the party.

A cassette-only release. From around 1990.

And here it is.....

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