Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black Panthers 'Classified Material'

Here's some live & rehearsal Black Panther recordings for all you sicko's out there that enjoy this kinda stuff.
The first two songs 'Tell you mama' and 'Peel my banana' were recorded live at the old 'Jetset Lounge' in chch with Lynton on drums. One of our last live performances i think. 'Peel my banana' is the only song outa this lot that was ever recorded in a studio and released.

'Pinky red' was an un-realised number. Never really came to fruition. Still, main riff's pretty good.

'Jailbait' was originally entitled 'Date rape' but after more than one complaint we changed the name. Never had a completed structure for this song but played it live a few times anyway.

'Livin' one foot down' is actually Ben (drummer) singing. Matt played drums and hollered too. Just a jam we had that had some potential.

'The cowboy song' is Vaughn (bass) singing. Again an unfinished song with potential but the guts of it was there. Kinda sleazy..... if we'd done another album it would have been stuff like this. Porn rock or something.

'Real cool time' is indeed a Stooges cover. How predictable (talk about wearing your influences on your sleeve.....). We played this live & off the cuff at a party before we ever rehearsed it. Hilarious. Some people loved it........and some hated it (of course).

How dare we destroy such a classic......

Have fun with it.