Saturday, February 11, 2017

Onaweta - Dance Little Children 7"

Wow, this last year I've had some great success in adding to my NZ 7" singles collection and a week or so ago I finally bagged this little baby which I've been after since the late 80's.
I remember seeing the video they made for the single on the 'Radio with Pictures' music show (which was so informative for us back in them days) and I think the 'Dance little children' riff has been stuck in my head ever since. How catchy is it? Really, it should have gone to No.1 in the charts on our wayward South Pacific island paradise but when you're talking about a self released single by a rag tag Wellington trio of a few hundred copies, it probly ain't gonna hit the headlines anytime soon (or back then.... however much it deserved the accolade).
The song 'Dance little children' also appeared on the 'Killing Capitalism with Kindness' compilation put out by Turbulence records (Belgium) which I thought was kinda odd as it seemed like an anomaly amongst the predominant cast of Expressway label misfits. Anyhoo, great to see it there anyway, I'm not complaining.
There was one other song of theirs on the compilation 'Celebrate the Sonic arts' entitled 'Persecutor baby' which is also a very worthy groove and hence it shall be present in this download. I'd love to know if they recorded anything else. If they did, it should be in the public domain god damn it!
For those of us that need these kind of off funk, off punk, post poetic blasts of groovedom, we need more do you hear?

Here's the download to wet your whistle.