Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bob's top 10 for 2012

Recently i picked up a local music rag with all the writers listing their fave Top 10 albums for 2012. 'Burn after reading' comes to mind. 
I didn't like any of it one bit.
Therefore i've come up with my own Top 10. Bob's Top of the Pops.
Lap these up chums. Do someone a favour and put one of these in their xmas stocking.
You could make a friend for life (or an enemy forever.....).

Actually, now that i look at this list.... i was listening to all this shit last year!

oh well, the song remains the same.....

and in no particular order.

1. Pelican - What we all come to need (heavy intrumental rock)
2. Godflesh - Messiah (Godflesh in a better mood than usual)
3. Chrome - Blood on the moon  (All Chrome is good Chrome....well, up until 'Third from the sun' anyway)
4. Wicked lady - The axeman cometh  (A lost 60's classic! Pure genius)
5. Sunn O))) and Boris - Altar ((( needs lots of brackets... and earplugs))) 
6. Saint Vitus - Born too late (Metal meets punk and goes to bed within smelly sheets) 
7. Warning - Warning (Great weird german industrial disco... or something) 
8. Hawkwind - Warrior on the edge of time (Lemmy plays bass on this album. Nuff said) 
9. Mig 21 - Hot to trotsky (Awesome Christchurch industrial pop madness) 
10. Jesu - S/T (first album) (slow, sludgy and makes you cry) 

 None of these are downloads. That would just be silly.
Go and buy them. 
Preferably on vinyl.
And buy a new stylus while you're at it.

Into the void - Live at the dux de lux

I remember sometime in 1989 or thereabouts, my flatmate Dianna came home from seeing these guys and said to me: "my god rob, you HAVE to see Into The Void!" 
She was emphatic. 
It was basically an order. 
So weeks later i obeyed...... like a trained seal.
The pub was dark, the red light glowed, the smoke machine bellowed and Into The Void screeched and growled through a sinister set of art rock noise to the arm folded, seemingly unimpressed masses. They were awesome! I was gobsmacked.
I also recall a time a year or two after that event when i dragged my friend Steve to see them. he was involved in the scene in Dunedin and hated Christchurch bands. Into the void changed his mind. He just stood there with his mouth open (though i have a feeling medication contributed to his feelings of elation).
ITV are survivors too. Still playing occasionally, even though half the band live in Melbourne and the other half in Christchurch.
This live recording is made all the more poignant by the fact that the dux (currently reinventing itself elsewhere) is no longer in its original location,  thanks to the enormous earthquake that flattened half the city. It sux not having the dux.... you couldn't beat the location.
I don't know who recorded this but the quality is really good. There are also two songs (trk 4 & 8) whose titles remain unknown thus far. If someone knows what they are (James.... i know you're out there....) please enlighten us. 
Christchurch rock veterans...ITV.....

 (Since posting this, James has sorted out the tracks for me so she's been reloaded with all titles intact.....  thanks Jimmo!).

Mp3 @ 320 kbps