Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mainline - A Christchurch Compilation

Here's a nifty little compilation from the late 90's (1999 I believe) which I recently came across in the CD shelf. Very hard to find things on that shelf as it's a total mess.... lots of 'Sleeve only' cd's which must be shuffled through like a deck of cards. Annoying as hell but after dusting this thing off it's good to hear it after all these years. Well worth the effort. A compilation put together by the Roger Wright Centre (needle exchange / outreach centre) to create awareness of their activities. It's good to donate your music for a cause I guess & hey, free advertising! Can't beat free press. Among others featured were my own band 'The Black Panthers' with one of our early efforts at recording. I didn't know we were even involved with this project until it came out & i was handed a copy.
Such were the days (back before everything was on Facebook within 12 seconds) where you'd have to wait to find out what was actually going on from either the local gossip pages in some local zine, or a phone call on the now much maligned 'landline'.
There's some real oddities in here. Barnard's Star really shines for me (pun fully intended). Fabulously imaginative sonic noise soundscapes which immediately bury themselves in the frontal lobes. Well, mine anyway. Losta other goodies. I may as well include a track list here so you know what's on the Comp. Definitely worthy of a listen & a catalogue number for your NZ oddities collection.

01. Glisten - The Centre Will Hold
02. All Tied Up Now - Michael J Hex
03. 7am - Anastasia Strapon
04. Mesa Drive - Lost Found Sound
05. 4 Score - Paul Kean
06. Yo Holmes get off the stage! - High Tone Destroyers
07. Stray Cat Blues - Matt Alien
08. Evil - Squirm
09. Untitled - Barnard's Star
10. Deep Down - Black Panthers
11. Get Outa Town - Thee Strapons
12 Forbidden Planet - Ritchie Venus

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