Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pretty wack on vinyl

Now available! 'Pretty wack' on vinyl. Ltd edition blue vinyl pressing.

Email  bobcadillac1@gmail.com  if you want a copy. Cost is $15.00 (Aus). Postage incurs additional cost and will depend on where you live!

You can also listen to the whole album and / or buy a copy here:


And see the Discogs site for more info......


wrap your ears round this baby....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Black Panthers / Deep inside.... what?

Ah yes well.... its not my fault i was in a band with a bunch of perverts!

Made by us in fact. Alan Cameron filmed it and edited it. And with a limited array of tools at hand. RIP ALC5. Respect.

Black Panthers / You ain't around

Black Panthers Live at Christchurch Television School. 1997 again.....

Black Panthers / hey hey

Black Panthers Live in Christchurch. 1997 by my reckoning.....

Curse of the Panther

In 1997, The Black Panthers were formed. Consisting of Matt Alien, myself (as Bob cadillac), Leon Zchivago and Ayatolla Blitzkreig, we were what rock n roll nightmares are made of. Far too many leadbreaks, excessive screaming, wearing our girlfriends clothes, never playing sober.....breaking things.....it just got worse really. Loads of fun though!

We released two vinyls for Kato records, the first was a 7" single and the second a full length LP.

We also made a few videos which i'll post one or two of shortly on this blog.

This recording i'm posting here is was our first and two songs were selected from this for the 7" single. We'd only been together a few months before this was recorded on my Teac reel to reel by David Rayner at cambridge tce. Look for the vinyls on discogs if your interested.

Here's the link for download:

Mp3 @ 320 kbs.