Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rob and Stefan's manic guitar sessions

I used to jam with a guy called Stefan back in '92 -'93. Our general routine was thus: Stefan would come over to my house with his guitar and two half gallon jars. Then we would walk to Harringtons brewery and get the jars filled with beer. Upon returning to the house we would plug into my Fender amp, drink beer and make some noise. Most of these sessions i would record a few tunes that seemed at the time to have some merrit. These tapes have been at the bottom of my cassette box for 20 years or so and i've only now ripped them to digital media (ditching about half of it due to either poor quality recording, or if it was simply rubbish i wouldn't let my dog listen to).
We weren't really planning a band or anything but considered playing in cafes (or somewhere other than pubs) for a laugh but that never eventuated. Sad, because i would have loved to torment the villagers with this crazy shit. Not all of this stuff is sonically challenging though. There are a few mellow and spacious moments where the villagers are lulled into a false sense of security.
Stefan's guitar sound is more 'bass' sounding due to to fact that he ripped the frets out of it and half the time he's playing it like a bass too. Fingers, not picks. There's no overdubs or anything on these tracks. Just the two of us playing guitars and drinking. 
Recorded at 329 Cambridge tce, Christchurch, NZ. for those of you with an eye for posterity.

Download the whole shebang. 50 mins of sheer terror!:

Or you can listen to and / or buy the real thing here: