Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Secret Circle

Here's another monster from the tapebox....

Think spicey cup of tea, meditating on a persian rug while having a massage. Instumental journeys developing (or unravelling) all on their lonesome. Galaxies collide.... and divide.... and seperate.

These are lengthy jams with my friend David Rayner and a few other crew. Recorded 1995 or thereabouts. Every few weeks we'd get together and bash out a few numbers. We used to swap instruments a bit too so it's hard for me to tell who's playing what but i'm playing drums for about half of it and guitar for the rest. And also maybe bass on a track or two. David Rayner plays bass, drums and possibly guitar and some other percussive instruments. Other crew involved include Hilary (percussion (tabla / bongos etc)), another David (percussion) my ex-girlfriend Sonya (keyboards) and a hippy called Jody on guitar (if it sounds 'funky' it's probably him playing, not me). David recorded all of this with one stereo microphone and a tapedeck. I can't remember what type it was but i recall it being rather high end gear and hence these recordings sound excellent aside from the occasional imbalance in the volumes of things.
At one point you can hear i'm playing guitar far too loudly and hence get told off by all present.
Typical guitar player 

We never had a name for this project and we never played live either so i've taken the liberty of calling it 'Secret Circle'. 
Recorded at 58 Matai St West, Christchurch, New Zealand. Another great old mansion that was knocked down to make way for numerous townhouses. Hooray for progress..... 

At least the reverberations of the old house continue to bounce around the universe. 

And here they are.....

CD 1 =

CD 2 =

There's about 90 mins worth of it here. Divided into two downloads so if you don't like the first one, you don't have to waste your time downloading the second one.