Friday, February 28, 2014

Black Panthers LP

While we're on the subject of The Panthers, try this sucker on for size. Our one and only album.
Recorded in 1999 by Rob Mayes at The National Grid studio back in Christchurch, NZ.
There's not that many copies in circulation so hopefully this download will mean it makes it to a few more ears around the globe. 200 copies on black vinyl exist. Some cd's floating around. Thankfully on the day of the recording everything came together and everyone played really well and behaved themselves. Rob did a great job of handling all the controls...
Tis a bitchin peice of rock if you ask me. But then i'm obviously a biased customer (having been in the band and all). You kids can make up your own minds.
Maybe some monks in tibet will download it and start a cult dedicated to Panther worship.......executing other monks who refuse their doctrine......
That would be cool.

Black Panthers LP download. MP3@320kbs

Or you could buy a copy here...

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