Sunday, September 13, 2015

Animalypse - Aliva Neurotica

And so back to the tape box..... This little beauty shoulda been ripped & chucked on this blog long ago as it's been sitting on the shelf staring at me for over a year now. Finally, sitting around twiddling my thumbs today I realised its time had come.
Recorded live in Dunedin (yes, a Dunedin band....) in late 1989 at various locations including the Nerve Centre, The Empire and The University. Slightly rough round the edges raw recordings but interestingly everything's in the mix to some degree and therefore it doesn't lack any power because of low-fi tactics. I utterly thrashed this tape when Greg (drummer) gave it to me in 1990 so I'm surprised at how well it played. Greg moved up to Christchurch & got us into all this crazed Dunedin shit. We were very naive to it all so lapped this stuff up like a cat goes for the spilt cream on the kitchen floor.
Mostly originals played here but the cover of Fiction Romance (Buzzcocks) is great & shows how blistering these guys must have been live.
I did see Animalypse play live in Lyttleton (I think it was at the Harbourlight venue?) years after this release with a different line up which was still good but not as brutally manic as this stuff.
There's another cassette of theirs I have buried deep in the tape box that I have to dig out too so hopefully will get around to that soon. You should thank your lucky stars.....
Animalypse on this occasion were > Bryan Spittle ( Guitar), Jeff Mitchell (Guitar, Vocals), Greg Cairns (Drums), Alan Thomasson (Bass).
I've just realised the last song is actually two songs, which means there are 12 songs on the cassette, not 11 as suggested on the cover. Hmmmmmm..... god knows.......

Ripped to digital files with minimum intervention.

Aliva Neurotica (Here)

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