Friday, September 30, 2016

Into the Void - Instrumental stuff....

Ok, this is a rip of an 'Into the Void' tape I scored off James Greig a whiles back. No idea when or where it was recorded. Ronnie is obviously missing as there's no vocals to speak of. Just heavy instrumental stuff. Still very tuneful..... altho a bit fuzzy here & there.
I like the fact that Paul Sutherland's mad background scratchings are quite obvious during a lot of this. He's a very necessary part of the equation & often overlooked.

The Fuzz is the life....

Here's the rip.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Ether

Here’s a live recording by The Ether from the Tote Hotel in Melbourne. Recorded by Lynton on his Zoom recording device...... it packs a good deal of punch!

Lance - Photos / Keys

The Ether are / were John Billows, Joanne Billensdon, Lance Strickland & myself (Joanne & Lance played Keyboards, John played Bass and sang, and I bashed the drums). 

Joanne - Keys / Vox

Mostly we were a brooding mesh of heavily effected instruments. The result being drone-esque soundscapes and Kraut-style monolithic rhythms. In fact we were heavy enough to match most bitumen laying road machines (and if we played outside you’re house on a Sunday morning at 9am, you would think you're local council was doing just that).
John - Bass / Vox

Often the interplay between John's bass noise & Lance's Keyboard noise was enough to confuse me to the point where I wouldn’t know which was which or who was who, which I think helped give us a ‘looser’ feel overall. Any song we invented that was deemed too structured or inflexible was swiftly given the boot in favour of tunes we could just jam out on & play as long as we liked. 

Bob - Drums

We played a few low key shows around Melbourne. Thrice playing the iconic Tote Hotel in Collingwood. Our final show was an outdoor event out in Whittlesea, an informal backyard festival on an invite only basis. Bonfires & beers, mildew & mayhem, an excellent way to finish up this project if you ask me. Here’s a few links & a couple of videos.

The Ether - Live at the Tote

The Ether - Bandcamp