Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mothgods live

Here's a Mothgods vid from 1995. This song isn't on the album download on this blog so you're a lucky chimp to be able to hear it at all. More earthquakes in chch today. Glad i'm not there.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bob Cadillac - I want you / Don't wait up for me girl

Here's a couple of tunes I recorded a few years back. One being a version of 'I want you' by the fabulous Troggs. I really liked the MC5 version of this song. The way they slowed it down made it sound so epically heavy.
This arrangements even slower! You can't beat the Troggs' original though. Recorded in 1966 as a B side to 'With a girl like you' it sure is punk before punk. Tribal thunder recorded this track and played drums. Joe played bass and Kris screamed. I'm on guitar duties and vox as per usual.
The second song is one of my originals. Recorded around 2003 in some studio / rehearsal room out in the burbs of melbourne. The drummer showed up pasted, but we still managed to sound ok. Happy listening!

Download link:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cadillac - 'everyday' vid

Around about 2002, i started a band called 'cadillac' in melbourne. There were basically two line-ups. One never quite got off the ground sadly, as two people had to leave the country! This is the second line up that did finally start gigging around town. This gig was filmed at the Arthouse in 2004 and was probably the best we ever got to tape. Check it out if you have too much time on your hands.......

Monday, January 31, 2011

Clones - ha ha ha

Here's a video my mate Tribal Thunder made.
We had an act called 'clones' going for a while there with Tribal doing all the music and Mark 'Chinaski' doin vocals and me doing nothing at all except drinking beer in the corner.
Finally Tribal thunder let me do something and this was it. All music by Tribal thunder with me on vocals. A version of the old Flipper classic ' ha ha ha'.