Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freak scene

Here's a little goodie from back in the day.... a compilation of Christchurch bands (including my own, the babels) from 1991. A cassette only release, it helped get all these bands some well deserved airplay on student radio. There's a lot of history in here...i'm not gonna rave on about it. Those in the know will know...get it here!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Babels

This was my first band. Started by me and Miles Fahey in 1990. Thats him on the far left wearing the bad brains t-shirt. We would always see each at gigs and say we were gonna start a band. And after a lot of messing around....we did! And this was the result. Influenced by early gothic rock, punk, and with a good dose of our surroundings thrown in (lets just say the backyard of NZ music can be a pretty strange place!). Some of this stuff is live and from rehearsals (and hence some is rather raw) but this documents pretty much everything in our repertoire.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rob Buick 'Strange Conversation'

My first solo outing made during 1996-97. After the Mothgods broke up i decided to throw this together. Mainly consists of slower brooding songs, some of which are pretty long... 'Show me' clocks in at about 11mins. The guitars for that one were recorded by myself and Alan Cameron on a cassette deck as an improvised jam. The rest of the music was overdubbed months later. Vocals by me and Matt Alien after drinking a bottle of bourbon. You can actually hear Matt eating corn chips in the background of that song! ha.
Some of the other songs have stories too but that's enough blab for now.
Mostly recorded on my Teac A3340 reel to reel.

What a beast....

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Album artwork:

The Mothgods

The Mothgods was my second band in Christchurch. This was recorded at the end of our existence and as far as i'm concerned, this was us at our best. Fast, furious and senseless. Imagine the Unsane meets Primus meets the Jesus lizard....meets pavement? Recorded in 1996 on a fostex 4-trk tapedeck with two mikes (neither of which cost very much).
All levels in the red. Rockin and raw! rehearsal.... in the lounge of my flat (where else?)

Tim king (far left) on drums.

Paul roddick (far right) on bass.

Me (middle) on gat work and vox....


Cadillac - 'Black dash Light' (2001)

My second album of original material.
Yet another TEAC 4trk product recorded in christchurch
between 99 -2000 and finished in melbourne shortly after i moved there.
As with my previous album, many friends came to the party to help out.
I should upload the liner notes sometime as theres so many people i have to thank....
Still moody, slower material with quite a bit of black humour in there.
Includes a cover of 'Hey joe' that you may or may not recognise.

Bob Cadillac / Pretty Wack

Pretty wack (2008)

This is my latest album. Took about six months to throw together. Most of the instrumentation is courtesy of myself altho there are a couple of friends that came to the party and helped out. The best production i've ever come up with. Relying completely on the digital realm for recording. The Teac sits in the lounge awaiting its re-instatement. Dark and Dumb was the theme. Its not far off the mark......
You can listen to the entire album (and even buy a physical copy)

Or you can download it for free......

See how nice i am..... giving things away....?

Either that or stupid.