Friday, November 7, 2014

Sonic Youth - Live In Christchurch 12.02.93

I open the wooden chest containing all my old cassettes. I know it's in here somewhere. Layer after layer of cassettes are removed to reveal nothing. Maybe i took it out years ago and put it somewhere for safekeeping? No, surely. Finally, on the bottom layer, there she goes..... scrawled along the cassette spine 'Sonic Youth - Live in Christchurch'. The 'Youth against Fascism' tour no less.
I give the tapeheads a good clean with some Isopropyl, set the computer to record & press play. The sound quality is good. A stereo recording in fact. I don't know who recorded this but they did a good job. As i recall, a friend Todd (bassplayer in band Maus) gave me this sometime after the gig. His friend had apparently recorded it & thankfully he'd decided to make me a copy.
Halfway through the tape rip the tape refuses to budge. Oh no..... not now.... not halfway....! 
I take the tape out. Seems to spin easily enough. But there's a loose piece of plastic inside the cassette. Could be an issue. I take it apart carefully. Its not an issue. Back to the tapedeck. I try a different cassette. No movement. Hmmmmm. Crack open the tapedeck lid. The rubber pulleys are not looking so hot and the main drive belt appears to have slipped off somewhat. I give the area a good clean, right the belt & press play again. The wheels turn sweetly. These 70's cassette decks never die (he says nervously).
The day of the gig i was cycling down Manchester St and happened to see Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley & entourage walking along. I catch the american accents as i bike past. 
That night The Theatre Royal was packed. Peter Jefferies & the Dead C support. If you were lucky enough to be there as i was, you were in for a treat. A Sonic treat .... a Sonic ice cream with cherries on top......
Sonic Youth didn't disappoint. 
And here it is. For those of you who were there, you'll enjoy reliving the moment.
I love hearing Kim tell the audience off for stage diving. 'You bunch of fucking arseholes!' she yells..... but later she relents. 'Only the girls can stage dive'......... followed by the screams of appreciative 20 somethings from the audience. Actually the screaming didn't stop the entire show. 
Such was our appreciation that they'd finally shown up in our little village.

P.S. the song 'Genetic' is only half there. As it was on the tape. Who knows.... maybe the recorder nicked out for a sly ciggie.

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