Friday, November 14, 2014

Gordons - Live in TAITA, Wellington, July 1984 (final show ever.....apparently).

This is a live recording of the second Gordons line up. It was dropped in my lap a couple of years back by Seigfried the Satanic Rocker and I've been enjoying it ever since. Sounds like a desk recording to me. Possibly desk to four track? Certainly much better quality than most shitty live recordings. There are a few tracks on here that were unreleased so they are un-named thus far. If anyone knows the names, let us know. I don't wanna rant too much about this band. Most of you who arrive here will know who they are. But if you don't.... (don't kill yourself just yet) here's something you should read.
Written by Rob Mayes of Failsafe Records.


I was too young to have seen them live alas. I know people who did see them. All of them pretty much floored by the experience. Some literally blown over in fact. Thankfully the later Gordons incarnation 'Bailter Space' were totally amazing anyway so i got to be floored by that lot on many an occasion. I remember one morning after a Bailter Space gig I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea and my flatmate came in and was gesturing away to me..... her lips were moving but no sound was coming out.... I was like Huh? Then I realized, I couldn't actually hear anything! Fucking deaf.... Took a day or so to come time i took the earplugs.

I may have been unlucky in seeing the Gordons live but I am lucky to have in my collection, original vinyl LPs of both albums and the future shock 12". I think I paid $25 back in the 80's for the second LP and there's a copy on Discogs listed for over $300 currently. Glad I picked that one up. Rare as hens teeth. Like those early Skeptics LPs (Ponds etc). Gotta love those weird NZ rarities!

Anyway, here's a link. Listen. Be amazed, Don't kill yourself just because you didn't see them live. Ok?

Just reiterating, this is a live recording and not a download of the second LP.

Gordons Live

Thanks to Rob Mayes for info on when & where this was recorded.

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