Monday, July 22, 2013

Mothgods studio recordings

Here's a few studio recordings by The Mothgods. Our only studio efforts actually.

Two different band line-ups recording two different sessions.

V1: Bob, Pete, Darryl (Tracks 1-3).
V2: Bob, Tim, Paul (Tracks 4, 5).

Recorded at Nightshift studios, Chch by Arnie between 1993-96.

The way i hear this stuff now is that it's a bit 'naive' really. Recorded before we finally got into the swing of things and then failed to do anymore decent recordings. Lack of money probably the main reason for that. Some of the later Mothgods songs appear on my 'Strange conversation' CD. Notably 'Come back simon', 'Clouds' and the 'Without eyes' number (which was an instrumental in the Gods). They were recorded post band breakup but i still managed to rope the lads in to play a few tracks. Most likely i enticed them with promises of free homebrew....or lunch. All said and done, i prefer the rough as guts ' Live in the lounge' stuff over this because it's more fun. But then, this is still worthy of an archive...

One time before a gig, Pete, Darryl and myself had a cracker car accident after pulling out of a bottle store and running into an oncoming Commodore. Both cars were right-offs. Luckily no-one was injured but we were in shock for a while. We were sitting around on the footpath and people from local businesses were bringing us cups of tea. Then the cops showed up and we discovered our driver didn't have a license and it wasn't his car but his girlfriends. The cops were not impressed (neither was the girlfriend).

Originally released as a cassette (pictured).


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