Monday, December 18, 2017

More Ether!

Oh yes people, you demanded it so here it is....! 

Ok, that's not entirely true, nobody demanded anything..... Zilch in fact. So without further untruths, here's some early practise room jams plus our last ever concert for anyone who might actually give a fuck.

I've been listening to these early recordings a lot lately and really enjoying them. The recording is top notch. I think it's one of John's early Zoom recordings? Not sure but everything sits nicely in the mix. These date back to when we were first finding our feet & before we had any confirmed 'songs' to go with. Some concepts expressed here see the light of day in our set list much later on but most of it is pretty unrecognisable to the untrained ear. 

There's also a download here for our last ever concert out in Whittlesea which I recorded on my Sony DV Handycam. This was us in our most 'developed' state and the recording is quite listenable too so there you go, you now have both ends of the Ether scale.... undeveloped musings & the tightly woven structured songs.

Both worthy of a listen. 

In two downloads:

Early practise room jams

Live at Whittlesea

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