Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hoover - Sucks you up.

This is our Hoover. The Piranha. Sucks like a leech. A veritable supersucker. A K-mart Goodie for less than $100 bucks. Still sucking after 4 years! Now that's a bargain.

'Hoover' were also a Christchurch band back in the 90's.

Although they didn't suck.

They were fucking good.

Featuring Mick Bell from 'Hiding from Stan' on vocals, Mark from Salmonella Dub on guitar,Tony Hallum on bass & Ian Salek on drums. Or was that Isaac on drums? Is that the same person?
I was sure it was a guy I knew called Isaac. However.... hooverever.......hooforever.... etc

These guys weren't around for that long but they did manage a recording (this) which Mick gave me a copy of one time. One song appeared on Failsafe's 'Good Things' compilation from this bunch of tunes. 'Mikes room of the Banal'. The rest of it was never released as far as i know. I think I saw them twice. Definately at the old Star & Garter hotel (under another name possibly by then) in the mid 90's. Vividly recall that one. Was really heavy!

They had a great Tonal range this band. Screeching guitars & an uber-heavy bottom end with Mick somewhere in the middle, maniacal & menacing in the mid-range. Evil!

Mick used to help me with my car a lot. I would try to be the backyard mechanic but I didn't really know what I was doing. Mick always had good advice but would usually say something like,
'What the fuck are you doing!'...... ha ha. He could rebuild car engines at the drop of a hat.

Without further blabbing, here's a slab of sound for ya. Four songs that don't suck!

Hoover Mp3 Download.

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