Sunday, May 5, 2013

Steve and Rob - One afternoon


Here's a little gem....

An afternoon of hangin out with my friend Steve ( Reay ). 

Steve came over to my house and decided we were doing an album. That afternoon.
We had no songs, had not rehearsed, and frankly i thought the idea was a bit..... ambitious.
Steve was convincing however and soon enough we had 14 songs and a 25 minute album!
All recorded hastily on my Sony mono walkman for a real low-fi sound.

Unlike the Rob and Stefan demos (where we'd actually rehearsed) these are right off the cuff tunes never attempted or even thought of before or after. 

We used to make a lot of home-brew me and Steve. It got quite competitive over who could make the strongest shit. Steve ended up being the winner with his 11% home-brewed lager. After drinking large amounts of that one night i barely made it home (i lived about 200 meters away). 

Stagger stagger....... fall fall....... thankfully i didn't fall in the river,

Check it out. two guys, two guitars. Acoustic madness.

Recorded around 1995? Somewhere in that ballpark anyways. 

Here's the download link: 

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