Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bob's top 10 for 2012

Recently i picked up a local music rag with all the writers listing their fave Top 10 albums for 2012. 'Burn after reading' comes to mind. 
I didn't like any of it one bit.
Therefore i've come up with my own Top 10. Bob's Top of the Pops.
Lap these up chums. Do someone a favour and put one of these in their xmas stocking.
You could make a friend for life (or an enemy forever.....).

Actually, now that i look at this list.... i was listening to all this shit last year!

oh well, the song remains the same.....

and in no particular order.

1. Pelican - What we all come to need (heavy intrumental rock)
2. Godflesh - Messiah (Godflesh in a better mood than usual)
3. Chrome - Blood on the moon  (All Chrome is good Chrome....well, up until 'Third from the sun' anyway)
4. Wicked lady - The axeman cometh  (A lost 60's classic! Pure genius)
5. Sunn O))) and Boris - Altar ((( needs lots of brackets... and earplugs))) 
6. Saint Vitus - Born too late (Metal meets punk and goes to bed within smelly sheets) 
7. Warning - Warning (Great weird german industrial disco... or something) 
8. Hawkwind - Warrior on the edge of time (Lemmy plays bass on this album. Nuff said) 
9. Mig 21 - Hot to trotsky (Awesome Christchurch industrial pop madness) 
10. Jesu - S/T (first album) (slow, sludgy and makes you cry) 

 None of these are downloads. That would just be silly.
Go and buy them. 
Preferably on vinyl.
And buy a new stylus while you're at it.

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